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Choosing a Hairstyle Based on Maintenance and Lifestyle

A beautiful hairstyle makes you look beautiful, but if getting it right takes forever every morning, how good is it for you really? A high-maintenance hairdo is interesting, but if’s becoming a daily pain, you might as well go for something simpler.

The idea is to pick something you’ll feel comfortable wearing on an ordinary day, like going to the bank or running some errands. You need not go all out in such situations. Your hair just needs to be respectable-looking and flattering to your features. Then when you attend special occasions, you can always have your dream do for everyone to appreciate.

Why do you need that kind of distinction? Because whether you like it it or not, your hairstyle makes a different in your everyday life. And maintaining it has a lot to do with your lifestyle and personality, two things that are usually overlooked, with or without intention, when people decide on a certain hairstyle.

Point is that people will have their conclusions about you or plain judge you based on your hairstyle. That sure sounds unfair but it’s reality.

So the question is, what is your hair saying about you? That’s where lifestyle and personality come into the picture.

Lifestyle is essentially about practicality. Do you live where warm? Do you normally sweat a lot? You probably like to pull your hair back in a ponytail. Obviously, your hair has to be long enough.

Do you work in a formal office environment? If so, you should go with a more traditional hairstyle instead of something artsy.

Any subcultures you’re a part of? Punk, goth or hip-hop? Each one has its own range of hairstyles that they are popular for.

Maybe you’re not really part of any group but you’re just naturally edgy in your choices. If you’re less a girly girl and more a free-spirit type, getting a shorter hairstyle or pixie cut will convey this trait more accurately. You may even consider changing your hair color. If it’s what your heart wants, by all means, give in.

Some people can carry shorter hair much better than the others (this often depends on facial shape). Most people think longer and natural-color hair is best, but it’s really a matter of preference. Of course, it’s always important to be reasonable in every choice we make.

The final point is that your personality should be considered when you decide on a particular hairstyle. And feel free to experiment! There are few things better than being comfy in your own skin – and hair.

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