Learn About the Dangers of Cocaine

Cocaine is a dangerous drug. Many people hear about their favorite celebrities using it, however, and decide to try it for themselves. What makes this drug so attractive and what do people need to know before using it?

How Does Cocaine Work?

When a person uses cocaine, they get a high or feelings of alertness and energy. This is due to the high levels of dopamine that are sent to specific areas of the brain. Dopamine naturally occurs in the body and works as a chemical messenger. When large amounts of this substance make it to the pleasure centers of the brain, the high that people are after occurs.

The Short-Term Effects of Cocaine Use

A person using cocaine may find they are extremely sensitive to sight, touch, and sound. Many users report strong feelings of happiness with use of the drug, but some people find they become angry and irritable. Feelings of paranoia have been reported, and many people state their appetite decreases with use of this drug.

Serious Side Effects

Other side effects may develop with cocaine use. A user might find his or her lungs are damaged or they develop heart disease. Strokes and heart attacks have been linked to use of the substance, and headaches are common. Some individuals have seizures following cocaine use and mood problems have been reported. Furthermore, individuals who swallow the drug may find their bowel decays, and individuals who choose to inject the substance are at risk of hepatitis or HIV. For those who choose to snort the drug, a runny nose, the loss of smell, difficulty swallowing and nosebleeds may become an issue.


Individuals who use cocaine may find they begin to crave the drug and the accompanying feelings. However, over time, the brain adapts to cocaine use and more drug is needed to produce these feelings. This is when a person has become addicted. The increased dose puts a person more at risk of changes in their brain’s chemistry. They discover they now rely on the drug and it is interfering with daily tasks, such as thinking and recall. Reaction time may slow, and the organs of the body are at risk of damage.

To learn about the dangers of cocaine, a person may find more details online. The more one knows about cocaine and how dangerous it is, the more important treatment becomes. Seek help today for a cocaine addiction.