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Tips for Choosing Dock, Deck, Pier and Seawall Materials

Marine vessels require good maintenance as they are vulnerable to a lot of damage and these necessitates the need to have proper docking structures. When it comes to docking we need to ensure that we have good dock lines as they are used to protect the boat and the pier when the vessel is at rest . Docking lines made from nylon are great because they do not suffer degradation from the effect of the sun and on top of that they have the capability to stretch in case of need. Docking lines need to come in the right size and one should avoid selecting a bigger docking line than their boat as it will not serve the intended purpose. The length of a dock line needs to be a bout of 2/3 the length of your boat so as to hold it in place.

Decks need to be made of materials that observe some certain criteria otherwise they will prove to be either expensive for us to maintain. Decking companies and professionals are coming up with composite decking products other than the common timber, its winning over the market slowly especially because of the array of advantages it has to offer especially because it almost does away completely with the cost of maintenance. In century where going green is a big deal , composite decks help in the realization of the same dream as the product is environmental friendly because 90% of the material used in the making of the materials is recycled .

It would be pointless to build a sea wall without first having an understanding of how far up the water level will go is it a river or being a water front. When building a sea wall it’s important to understand the seasonal changes of the area so as to build when the water levels are lowest or during the dry season in the case of rivers.

Sea wall materials will be exposed to water and therefore consider getting material that will withstand the effect of water and heat. It has been said that cheap is expensive , if we build sea walls with substandard materials ,it is equal to preparing for expensive maintenance costs because the conditions that a sea wall will be exposed calls for materials that will pass the test.Hiring a professional is important as it gives one peace of mind to know that you have a good structure , and just to make sure you have a professional , check their references and consult about their former project.

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