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Reasons Behind Big Designer Bags.

Women can be characterized a lot by designer bags. A woman who carries a small bag easily takes life. This kind of woman only needs a bag to put on her essentials. The woman does not carry distractors in the form of luggage. The woman carries little things such as her lipstick, phone, and keys.

On the other hand, there is the woman who likes carrying a big bag. She is usually well set for anything she might come across in the day. The lady’s tip-to-go lifestyle calls for her preparation before the start of the day. A phone charger, a snack and a book are some of the items that she might carry along. The woman does not shy off in the streets as she carries her must-haves.
The two categories of women have their needs well understood by designers. Designers also don’t find it necessary to go asking them why they prefer either the small or big bag. The designer’s role is simply to manufacture the bags in a way to suit each of these women.

Below are the reasons behind big designer bags.
One of the reasons is that one big bag has multiple uses. It is an investment buying big bags. A bag’s importance exceeds just a place to keep belongings. Many outfits can be matched by designer bags, as well as a statement piece. Designer bags can be well used many events such as at dinner, in the gym and the office. Since someone can bring one or more outfits in big bags, this is possible. In traveling, big bags are efficient. A woman can put more in a big bag. One can comfortably put all her necessary Items for a beach party over the weekend or a plane ride. Big bags are also efficient to schooling women and those with kids since they can carry necessities such as books and chargers, or toys for the children.

Secondly, larger bags are considered better than small ones. Designers charge more for big bags. A bag has to be more useful for it to cost a lot. An example of a brand that does not have versatility of small petite bags is the Louis Vuitton bags. Bigger sizes cost more. Day and night necessities can be carried by big bags.

Finally, people no longer have the notion that a bag is too big to use. Big bags that are adaptable to current needs are women’s favorite. Big bags enhance a woman’s take for the day. There is no need to carry a different office bag, lunch and gym bag. Perfect designer bags makes it possible for women to handle all this.