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What You Need to Know About Stock Financing

One of the best financing methods a business or person should consider when they want to purchase their home, or for business purposes as well as for purchasing any other asset like motor vehicle is the stock loans.Unlike other forms of loans where collateral to the lender is given in form of things like title deeds, car log books and other property based security , stock loans require any free trading security as collateral. Usually, about eighty percent of the existing stock can be loaned at a rate which is fixed and the loan should be paid from three to seven years.

In the awarding of stock loans, approvals from employers and credit worthiness bureaus as well as your income reports are not required. The only requirement in stock loan financing is completing the necessary paperwork and then rest assured that the loan will be processed from between five to seven days. Regardless of status of being self-employed or employed, you can be eligible for the loan. Penny stocks, mutual funds, foreign stocks and etfs are some of the things that are eligible as forms of collateral.

Persons who do not meet the eighty percent value requirement of their stocks can always top up the remainder with another type of stock or security or even cash. Lenders keep the collateral as consequence of borrowers who opt out of the loan deal. Liability does not fall on borrowers and even their credit worthiness is not affected since stock loans are non-recourse loans.

A non- recourse debt is a type of loan whereby if the borrower defaults, the lender can seize the collateral but cannot call out the borrower for further compensation even where the collateral does not cover the full amount. The stock appreciation, dividend and interest incurred during the time the stock exists as a collateral all belong to the borrower.The lender benefits from these dividends once the borrower fails to meet the payments due date. Like all other loans, the risk of losing your asset always disturbs clients particularly where the value of stocks is constantly changing. People should be aware that there is of no need reporting any incidences from this type of loan as no official authoritative records exist with the bureaus. The purpose of this writing is to educate people of the importance of learning and understanding the stock loan financing concept. Another advantage of stock loans is that interest is paid on quarterly basis.

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